4G/GPS/WIFI IoT terminal GT-7

Viotys IoT Terminal GT-7

The smart IoT terminal GT-7

The IoT terminal GT-7 is purpose-built to efficiently manage fuel delivery processes at fleet gas stations and mobile tanker trucks. Beyond its primary function, it boasts versatility for various applications such as GPS vehicle tracking, temperature monitoring, and other IoT projects.
The terminal's open protocol allows seamless integration with any fuel management systems, enhancing its adaptability and utility across different industries.

GT-7 is engineered to oversee fueling processes at gas stations and mobile tanker trucks, transmitting vital data to VIOTYS cloud servers. This includes:

  • Fuel tank level information
  • Vehicle or driver identification via RFID tags, emarin/mifare cards, or ibutton tags
  • Fuel transaction amounts (including bypass transactions)
  • Location data for fuel transactions
  • Total indicators of flowmeters
  • Fueling start and stop times
  • Pump numbers
  • Fueled tag limit information
  • Pulse quantities
  • Control information for additional equipment connected to the controller
  • Image files assigned to each transaction.

With GT-7, ensure comprehensive control and monitoring of your fueling operations, backed by seamless data transmission to VIOTYS cloud servers.

  • Enable authorization by code, iButton tag, Mifare/Emarin Card, and RFID tags, with the option to set a PIN code for each identifier.
  • Online Limits: Utilize online limits for each identifier, including absolute, shiftable, daily, weekly, and monthly parameters.
  • Multi-Dispenser Support: Support up to 2 fuel dispensers (hoses) and 4 fuel product types for each identifier.
  • Vehicle Data Capture: Capture odometer and engine hours of refueled vehicles by typing on the keypad.
  • Fuel Tag Memory: Benefit from a fuel tag memory of 20,000 pieces, with the possibility of synchronization from the server.
  • Unauthorized Bypass Detection: Detect unauthorized bypass refueling attempts for enhanced security.
  • Fuel Level Control: Control fuel level in the tank with high-accuracy fuel level sensors.
  • Valve Control: Control single and double solenoid valves with low/high flows for precise filling.
  • Pulsar Support: Support for a two-channel pulsar with measuring flows in direct and opposite directions.
  • Dispenser Compatibility: Compatible with electronic fuel dispensers from Liquid Controls, SANKI, Wayne Dresser, and more.
  • Open Protocol and Integration: Use an open protocol, data forwarding, and JSON API for seamless integration with third-party systems.
  • Embedded Modules: Embedded GPS/GLONASS, GSM/LTE and WIFI/BLE modules for comprehensive connectivity.
  • Photo Fixation: Optionally capture photos during the authorization process for added security.
  • Thermal Printer (Optional): Optionally add a thermal printer for printing receipts at the end of each transaction.
input voltage :
9-36 VDC
Built-in battery :
1000 mAh
LTE / 4G / 2G
Embedded module
RS-232 interface :
1 pcs
RS-485 interface :
2 pcs
1-wire interface :
1 pcs
Universal inputs :
4 pcs
2 pcs
Bluetooth :
BLE 5.0
Audio interface :
Buzzer :
Micro SD :
YES, up to 256 GB
Accelerometer :
Yes, 3 axis sensor
IP 56
Working temperature :
-40 to +85 C
Weight :
0.15 kg
Dimensions :
70 × 80 × 18 mm
Server protocol :
Wialon IPS