Mobile Bowser Fuel Management

Elevate Fuel Management with VIOTYS Mobile refuel controller

We offer a modern system for automating the process of dispensing fuel on mobile bowsers and monitoring fuel logistics for fleet managers. The system allows online monitoring and control of fuel consumption and distribution.
VIOTYS provides controlling the fuel level in tanker, dispensing fuel only to authorized drivers, assigning limits, preventing underfilling and draining of fuel.
Viotys Mobile Tanker Truck Automation

What you get?

Viotys offers cutting-edge technology to effectively manage and control all fuel dispensing operations with utmost security.

Simplified Operation

Controller offers user-friendly operation and effortless setup

Vehicle & Driver Identification

Simplify vehicle and driver identification for enhanced efficiency

Reliable Robust System

Ensuring reliability and durability for seamless operations

Large Transaction History

Extensive memory capacity for comprehensive transaction records

Online Fuel Consumption

Instantaneous tracking of fuel usage for accurate insights and control

Mileage and Engine Hours

Efficiently capture mileage and engine hours for optimal fleet oversight

Fuel Reconciliation

Ensure accurate reconciliation between received and dispensed fuel

Rugged design

Designed to withstand harsh conditions for reliable performance

Fuel Level Monitoring

Keep track of fuel levels in real-time for efficient fleet management

System key features

Authorize access via Code, iButton tag, Mifare/Emarin/magnetic cards, QR code, and RFID tags, with PIN codes for each tag
Utilize online limits for each identifier, including absolute, shift, daily, weekly, and monthly parameters
Support up to 4 fuel dispensers (hoses) and 4 fuel product types for each tag
Easily capture odometer readings, engine hours, and Vehicle IDs for refueled vehicles using the keypad
Tag / card memory is 20,000 pcs, with the option for server synchronization
Detect unauthorized bypass refueling attempts, ensuring enhanced security
Store the last 10,000 fuel transactions in memory, ensuring comprehensive record-keeping and access to recent data
Store an unlimited quantity of transactions in the cloud without any restrictions
The controller offers remote configuration capabilities from server or via SMS commands
Support for a two-channel pulsar enables measurement of flows in both direct and opposite directions
Integrated with electronic pump brands such as Liquid Controls, Sanki, Wayne Dresser, and Mass Meters
Control single and double solenoid valves with low and high flows for precise fueling
Utilize an open protocol and JSON API for seamless integration with third-party systems
Embedded GPS, GSM/LTE and WIFI/BLE modules for seamless connectivity
Optionally capture photos during the authorization process initiation
Optional thermal printer available for printing receipts at the end of each transaction
Ensure accurate fuel level gauging in tanks using high-precision fuel level sensors
The modular design enables quick installation and repairs.

Advantages of the fuel delivery system

Cloud Based

Data stored in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere

Tag Assignment

Sync all tags and limits from server for streamlined management

API for developers

Integrate with third-party systems using REST JSON API

Integration SDK

We provide SDK to integrate with third-party platforms

Cloud communication

Viotys site fuel controller communicates with the server through various methods tailored to user configuration, ensuring flexibility and reliability
Our controller employs the Wialon IPS protocol for seamless integration and efficient data exchange
4G / LTE

How it works?

The mobile bowser location, fuel level and dispensing data are continuously transmitted to the server via GSM or Wi-Fi. The managers controls the transactions, manage the fuel limits, sync the vehicles whose drivers have the right to refuel.
In case of a server connection failure, the system automatically switches to offline mode, saving all transactions in the controller's memory. The controller always stores the last 10,000 transactions.
Fuel Economy Boost
< 90
Achieve 90-Day Payback
Mobile Fuel controller

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Controller Authorization


The fleet manager synchronizes the tags of vehicles and drivers authorized to refuel cars. Various authorization methods include:
Entering a pin-code on the keypad
Using an Emarin/Mifare card with a pin code
Utilizing an iButton tag with a pin code
Scanning a QR code for authorization
Reading RFID vehicle tags with a nozzle reader
Remote authorization from the server or mobile APP
Additionally, users can input the Vehicle ID, vehicle odometer, engine hours, and project ID on the keyboard.
The system also supports Two-Factor authorization, requiring identification of the vehicle first and then the driver.

We control

The fuel mobile tanker truck automation system provides fuel dispensing by several parameters

Tank fuel level

The volume of fuel in the tank of a mobile tanker


Each fuel delivery events with detailed data


The location of the tanker and its routes

JPEG images

Photo recording of the facts of fuel supply

Limits & fuel types

The server records the fuel limits and the fuel type allowed for each specific vehicle. If the car must be filled with gasoline, the driver will not be able to get diesel fuel at the gas station.
For each recipient, you can assign absolute, shift, daily, weekly or monthly limits. The limits work online, and after the fuel is dispensed, the limits are simultaneously updated in all other gas stations and tankers.
In addition, disposable cards are also supported, which after receiving fuel will be automatically deleted from the controller’s memory.
Card Limit Management
Mobile Tanker truck level gauging

Mobile Tank level gauging

The system continuously monitors the real-time levels of fuel, including gauge levels, density, temperature, and mass. This information allows you to easily track the amount of fuel dispensed, delivered, and drained.
In case the fuel in the tank reaches the minimum level, the system automatically sends a notification to the operator.
It is possible to restrict fuel process in the controller settings when the level reaches the minimum threshold.

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