Rugged Thermal Printer

Viotys Thermal Printer

Industrial Thermal printer

The Viotys Rugged Thermal Printer is designed as an integral component of the GT-9 fuel site controller, dedicated to printing receipts containing crucial fuel transaction information. Designed for reliability and efficiency, this printer offers essential features such as auto-cut paper, test paper functionality, and a no-paper indicator to ensure seamless operation.
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Designed for seamless integration with the GT-9 controller, the Viotys Rugged Thermal Printer offers reliable printing capabilities via RS-485 or RS-232 interfaces. With its robust construction and user-friendly features, this printer ensures efficient operation and accurate printing of essential transaction details on receipts.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with the GT-9 controller, enabling seamless operation via RS-485 or RS-232 interfaces.
  • Prints comprehensive transaction information on receipts for enhanced record-keeping and accountability.
  • Essential transaction details include Receipt #, Card ID, Pump #, Transaction amount, Requested amount, Remained limit, Totalizer, Authorization type, Transaction start and stop time, Vehicle ID, Vehicle odometer, and Location (long&Lat).
  • Offers reliable performance and durability, suitable for demanding industrial environments.
  • Facilitates efficient management of fuel transactions and enhances operational visibility.

With its versatile functionality and dependable performance, the Viotys Rugged Thermal Printer is the ideal choice for industries seeking efficient and accurate printing of transaction details on receipts.

24 VDC
Consumption current :
Power consumption :
50 Wt
Interface :
RS232 or RS485
Print speed :
> 120 mm/sec.
Life time :
100 km
Paper auto-cut :
Auto-cut life time :
1 million times
Thermal paper width :
57.5 ±0.5 mm
Winding diameter :
50 mm
Bushing inner diameter :
12.5 mm
Paper density :
65±5 g/m2
Enviroment :
IP 57
Working temperature :
-40 to +85 C
Weight :
3 kg
Dimension :
300 × 230 × 11 mm