RFID Vehicle Identification

Automatic Vehicle Identification

Our RFID vehicle identification system automatically recognizes vehicles and their fueling preferences, ensuring accurate reporting, preventing fuel theft, simplify refueling process and enabling efficient fleet management.

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Gas Station RFID Vehicle Identification

System components

The main components of RFID vehicle identification at gas stations or mobile tanker trucks include:
Wireless Station Gateway

Wireless Gateway

The wireless gateway is a receiver mounted at the station, which receives vehicle information from the wireless nozzle reader and forwards vehicle and nozzle data to the site controller via RS485/RS232 protocol
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Wireless Nozzle Reader

Wireless Nozzle Reader

The wireless nozzle reader is an active RFID reader mounted on the fuel nozzle. Upon insertion into a vehicle's fuel tank, it reads the vehicle tag and transmits signals to the receiver throughout the fueling process.
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RFID Vehicle Tag

Vehicle TAG

The vehicle identification tag is easily installed onto the fuel tank inlet of any vehicle type. Each tag generates a unique ID specifically designed to identify the vehicle, ensuring it cannot be cloned.
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How it works?

When the driver inserts the fuel nozzle into the vehicle’s fuel tank inlet, the wireless nozzle reader detects and sends the tag ID to the Wireless receiver. Subsequently, the nozzle ID and TAG ID data are transmitted to the site controller via the RS232/RS485 interface.
If the RFID tag ID is in the whitelist, a transaction is automatically initiated, and refueling begins within the established limit. In the event the nozzle reader stops reading the tag, the refueling process immediately halts. This ensures the prevention of any attempts to remove the fuel nozzle from the tank, such as for refueling a canister.

Main functions & advantages


Automate vehicle identification seamlessly during the refueling process

Fuel Economy

Prevent theft and eliminate attempts to transfer fuel into canisters

Fast service

Simplify refueling process and expedite service


Robust weatherproof nozzle reader design

Easy to use

Simple and intuitive, akin to standard refueling


Reliably mountable vehicle RFID tag design


Driver-controlled self-service refueling option available

System architecture

The image below shows the principle of operation of the RFID vehicle identification system at a gas station
How RFID Identification system works

Solution is used across many industries

The proposed system is flexible and versatile. It can be used in construction, agriculture, mining and many other industries. If your company has its own gas stations or mobile tankers, the wireless RFID identification system will certainly be useful to you.

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