Advanced Fleet Management Platform

Our easy-to-use platform is created to simplify the fuel management process, monitoring, and analysis. This helps you save time, money, and resources in the long run.
Viotys Fleet Management platform

Platform Key features

Cloud Based

Data stored in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere

High performance

The software operates quickly and seamlessly

Interactive analytics

Get detailed reports and graphs on how your fleet is performing

API for developers

We provide API to integrate data for third-party platforms

The world's most efficient fuel management platform

Manage all your fleet assets' locations, fuel consumption, and productivity from a single platform

Effortlessly Control Your Fleet with Viotys Fleet Management Software

With just one click, our intuitive fleet management software generates comprehensive reports detailing every aspect of your fleet's operations. Gain precise insights into vehicle routes, fuel usage, tank refills and drains, parking locations, mileage, driving hours, work hours, breaks, geofence entries and exits, and much more.
Our user-friendly system requires no additional training for your staff, ensuring seamless integration into your operations.
Viotys Dashboard
Viotys Mobile App

iOS & Android app

VIOTYS Online is a mobile app created for smartphones and tablets used by VIOTYS system users. It allows real-time monitoring of fleet activity.

Simple and convenient interface enables online tracking of assets, creating tracks and reports for any period, receiving push notifications for events, and sending custom commands to controllers.

IoT platform capabilities

Software use cases

VIOTYS Hosting

Utilize VIOTYS hosting managed by our specialists. Cut down on server and maintenance expenses with a monthly subscription, covering technical support, expert advice, software updates, and data backup.


Install the software on your server and maintain it with your staff. This solution grants full control over the system, cutting down vehicle servicing costs with no monthly fee and providing independence from external servers. A one-time license charge applies for connecting third-party devices.
Viotys Software

Basic functions of VIOTYS platform

Location tracking

Track the location by GPS coordinates and GSM LBS towers


Control vehicle visits and enforce speed limits within designated geofences

Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption monitoring using fuel level sensors and flow meters


The system generates numerous alarms and events


The system allows you to send commands to the device through the server


The system supports driver identification using RFID keys and tags


The system supports to receive JPEG images from devices by event