iButton reader

Viotys iButton reader

1-Wire iButton reader

The iButton tag reader is an essential component of the GT-9 fuel controller, specifically designed to read iButton tags. Featuring a compact and wall-mounted design, this tag reader offers seamless integration and reliable performance.
12,00 $

The iButton Tag Reader is purpose-built to read iButton tags with precision and reliability. Designed for seamless integration into various systems, this reader offers efficient and accurate tag reading capabilities. Operating with just one wire for data and GND, it simplifies installation and ensures dependable performance.

Key Features:

  • Specifically designed to read iButton tags, ensuring compatibility and reliability.
  • Operates with a single wire for data and GND, facilitating straightforward installation.
  • Reliable contact tag reader, providing consistent and accurate tag reading capabilities.
  • Ideal for various applications requiring reliable tag reading functionality.
INterface :
Read range :
tag type :
iButton DS1990
TAG ID lenght :
6 bytes
Installation :
Panel mounted
Enviroment :
IP 67
Working temperature :
-40 to +85 C
Weight :
30 g
Thread diameter :
20 mm
external diameter :
24 mm