Fuel Level Sensor

Viotys BLE Fuel Level sensor

BLE Fuel Level sensor

The Wireless Fuel Level Sensor is a cutting-edge solution for accurate monitoring of fuel levels and temperature. Utilizing precise capacitive technology and integrated with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, this sensor provides real-time data to fuel controllers or GPS trackers at regular intervals. With a transmission range of at least 10 meters, it ensures seamless communication even over extended distances.
98,00 $

With its advanced features and robust construction, the Wireless Fuel Level Sensor offers reliable performance and seamless integration for various applications.

Key Features:

  • Precise capacitive technology for accurate measurement of fuel level and temperature.
  • Integrated with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology for efficient wireless communication.
  • Transmits fuel level data to fuel controllers or GPS trackers every 10 seconds, ensuring timely updates.
  • Long-lasting battery life of up to 5 years, providing reliable operation without frequent maintenance.
  • EX approved with IP69S protection grade, ensuring durability and reliability in harsh environments.
  • Ideal for use in fuel management systems, fleet tracking, and industrial applications requiring accurate fuel level monitoring.
Battery :
Li-SOCL2 3.6 В, 2700 mAH
Advertise period :
2-10 seconds
Signal range :
up to 100 m.
Battery life :
7 years
Accuracy :
Enviroment :
Working temperature :
-40℃~80 ℃
Weight :
0,5 kg
The length of probe :
200 – 3000 mm
Explosion proof mark :
OEx ia IIB T6 X