Wireless RFID nozzle reader

Viotys Wireless Nozzle Reader

RFID nozzle reader

The wireless nozzle reader functions as an active RFID reader attached to the fuel nozzle. Upon insertion into a vehicle fuel tank, it reads the vehicle identification tag and transmits a signal to the receiver unit, initiating the fueling process seamlessly.
Equipped with a rechargeable battery boasting a 60-day lifespan, it ensures prolonged usage and reliability in fuel management operations.

The Wireless Nozzle Reader utilizes RFID/contactless technology to scan vehicle tag information, seamlessly uploading it to the station controller via a wireless gateway for refueling authorization. Engineered with security and reliability in mind, it boasts a secure and explosion-proof design, ensuring robust performance in any environment. Easy to install and service, this reader is also vandal-proof, waterproof, and explosion-proof, providing peace of mind in harsh conditions.

Key Features:

  • Reliable, secure, and robust design ensures consistent performance
  • Easy installation process facilitates quick setup
  • Vandal-proof, waterproof, and explosion-proof construction for durability
  • Supports RFID UHF tag reading for comprehensive compatibility
  • Wireless communication capability enables seamless data transmission
  • Low power indication alerts users to battery status
  • Rechargeable and replaceable battery offers convenience and flexibility
  • Long working time of 90 days (based on 100 refuels per day) ensures continuous operation with minimal downtime.
Charge voltage :
4.2 VDC
Built-in battery :
2500 mAh
TAG Frequency :
902-928 MHz
RF Frequency :
433 Mhz
tag reading distance :
> 10 cm
Working distance :
50 meters
Nozzle position senson :
Magnit sensor :
Yes, 3 axis sensor
Bluetooth :
BLE 5.0 (optional)
INdicator :
LED (low battery, tag reading)
IP 66
Working temperature :
-30 to +65C
Weight :
0.35 kg
Dimensions :
69 × 100 × 84 mm